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Technical support and user manuals

As well as selling the products we are also passionate about supporting them as well. We want you to get the most from your CCTV system, whether it be remote accessing a CCTV camera, being able to retrieve footage captured on your DVR recorder and so on. This section features a number of software downloads which we can use when giving help and advice to customers. We have chosen not to make it a secure page but you will probably need some help from us before downloading items from it.

If you are looking for help, advice or CCTV technical guides then have a look at our video tutorials, you could also have a read through our frequently asked questions.

How to downgrade safari 12 to Safari 11 to allow browser plugins
A guide removing Safari 12 and replacing it with Safari 11, this should be only attempted by experienced MacOS users, please read the guide thoroughly before attempting. This guide is used at your own risk. For an alternative way of veiwing your CCTV42 systems please refer to our CMS software and quick start guide.

HD Camera Guide
A guide to HD-TVI Cameras

SuperLive Plus User Manual
The user manual for the latest app which can be downloaded for free from either the
Apple store or Google play store for both smart phones and tablets.

Post May 2017 CCTV42 HD-TVI 1080p DVR User Manual
The CCTV42 HD-TVI 1080p DVR Full User Manual including the 4, 8 & 16 Channel DVRs.

Pre May 2017 HD-TVI DVR Quick setup guide
The quick setup guide for the CCTV42 HD-TVI DVR including the 4, 8 and 16 channel DVRs.

Pre May 2017 HD-TVI DVR User Manual
The HD-TVI Hybrid DVR Full User Manual for the 4, 8 and 16 Channel DVRs.

CCTV42 System2 DVR Quick Start Guide
The quick start guide for the CCTV42 System2 DVR including the 4 & 8 channel DVRs.

CCTV42 System2 DVR User Manual
The CCTV42 System2 DVR Full User Manual including the 4 & 8 Channel DVRs.

Outdoor PTZ Camera Instructions
This pdf gives instructions on how to install and configure our outdoor PTZ cameras.

Setting up the ANPR 3 Camera
A guide on how to setup the ANPR camera.

How to back up footage
A guide to backing up footage on a post May 2017 DVR