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Jeremy Vine - Radio 2 16th September.  An interesting and very valid piece of radio on unauthorised access to CCTV systems. First things first, can anyone access your CCTV42 CCTV system? No, they can't.

So what's the problem? Can people really tap into CCTV cameras? Yes, they can but only on certain systems. Whilst on holiday in Portugal recently it took about 3 minutes to tap into the Villa complex's HIK Vision CCTV system despite not having administator rights to the router. In that installation the cameras were all internal so there was a genuine risk of invasion of privacy to the point where we disabled the cameras. The main threats come from IP based camera systems and systems which use something other than port forwarding to remote access the cameras.

High street and online retailers of CCTV are trying to dumb down their systems in particular making remote access plug & play simple. The problem is that usually opens up the system to unwanted access. They either open up the user's internet router so anyone can sneak in or they use a third party server to relay information which is shared by many other people. As an industry CCTV in the UK has largely been failed by regulatory authorities. If you sell a car that's done 100,000 miles but claim it's only done 50,000 miles you could go to prison. Well known national retailers make rediculous claims and lies about their CCTV products on a daily basis but remain untouched. We set up CCTV42 having been disappointed with a hight street purchase.

Our aim is to provide information that helps you buy the best CCTV System possible. We are not just a website, CCTV42 is a real company with real people happy to provide help so if you are planning a CCTV system call us. We can look at your property over the Internet whilst listening to your specific requirements then put together a package for you.

Advice is only as good as the equipment recommended. We carry a range of products that are unique to CCTV42 including our new 1080P High Definition range. Products are developed directly with the manufacturer and tested here in the UK. We don’t just box shift what happens to be on offer from a wholesaler. We also carry a cohesive range of products, so cameras come in a variety of lens options, connectors are all industry standard and as far as possible everything works with everything else.

Every item we sell has been tested in the UK. Our three acre site in Buckinghamshire allows us to evaluate CCTV Systems during the day and night in a real-world environment. It’s no good testing a camera designed to work outside over 20 metres in a 4 metre squared office.

Things don’t stop once we have your money. We aim to provide the best after sales service in the industry. If you don’t know how the DVR works or are having problems installing our equipment call us. You can speak to a real person with real knowledge, not a call centre operative working off a script. Our 2 year warranty comes with unlimited technical support. Even outside the warranty period we still aim to help you.

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Spend over £249 (ex Vat) and we will deliver the next working day free of charge within the UK *
Conditions apply.



If you buy hard drive(s) & a DVR at the same time we will fit the hard drive free of charge. Once fitted we will format the hard drives & configure the DVR settings to save your valuable time.

Deals on CCTV Systems

Deals on CCTV Systems

If you want a complete CCTV system then get in touch. Not only can we make sure you buy the right equipment we will also put together a package price for you.



We check every individual component of your system before shipping. Each camera & DVR recorder is powered up and checked along with any pre-made leads and power supplies.