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As well as this section there is a lot of useful information contained within the Video Tutorials section. If you are planning a CCTV system please get in touch with us, we offer free help and advice.

Can you arrange CCTV installation for us?

We don't operate an installation service but we do all the hard work here before shipping so DIY installation is straightforward. All you need to sort out is mounting the cameras on the wall and running a cable from each camera back to the DVR. We offer pre-made cables or you can make your own leads using CAT5 cable and fittings with screw terminals. If you didn't want to do this yourself any electrician or suitably skilled handyperson would be able to do it. No mains voltage wiring is involved.

Do you offer help and advice?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on offering the best advice available. We can view your property using internet mapping and image services whilst talking over your needs on the phone. We do this every day and use our experience to ensure the correct cameras and other equipment are selected. That help continues after purchase, if you need help whilst fitting the CCTV system or have questions about the operation of your system we are here for you. Call or email.

Can you help me connect my CCTV system to the internet or my local network?

One thing that is a bit tricky is setting up remote viewing of your CCTV system via the internet but we offer a remote access set-up service whereby we can do this for you for just £49.95 plus Vat over the telephone and by screen sharing on your computer. Our IT technician remotely accesses your computer and sets up everything on your internet router whilst you watch on in amazement.

What tools do I need to install CCTV myself?

It depends on where you are fitting the cameras but usually just a drill a cross-head screwdriver and a small flat-head screwdriver. Any Allen keys or specialist tools are included with the cameras.

How do I know where to fit the CCTV cameras?

We have included a series of short videos covering where to locate your cameras in our video tutorial section. These give you simple hints and things to think about when positioning your cameras. But feel free to call us up on the phone and we can discuss your specific requirements whilst viewing your property on the internet.

I'm a little bit unsure as to which lens option I should go for on my CCTV cameras.

This is probably the single most important thing to get right and the reason so many systems fail to work properly. Once again give us a call on the phone, and we can look at your property using internet-based maps and aerial photos and advise accordingly to ensure the correct cameras are selected.