Wayne G's Testimonial

I have had this anpr camera for a couple of months now. I am really impressed with it. Shows all the reg no of the cars passing at night. Quiet easy to install and set up. If you do need any advice Henry is on hand and can solve any issues you may have. I would also recommend getting cat 5 cable and video baluns to make sure the camera is getting enough power ( these are aslo very easy to fit if you have a little confidence in what you are doing). Definitely worth the money.

Stephen P's Testimonial

My system would not remote connect this morning and on contacting CCTV42 Marcus very patiently went through various procedures for me to get it up and running again. His patience is legendary, especially when dealing with IT idiots like me! Thank you so much.

Peter P's Testimonial

I have purchased a few cameras etc from CCTV42 over the last few years and the advice I have received has always been first class. I have just purchased another camera and a new DVR and I cannot believe how good it is compared to a previously top-end DVR I purchased 9 years ago that cost 10 times as much! This company really does outstrip quality, and standards that I have come across before and at really good prices. I should add that cameras that I have purchased from CCTV42 6 years ago are still going strong unlike other CCTV company’s products. Many thanks for your great service!

Arshad A's Testimonial

I am glad to have this DVR. I love this. So many good functions in this. Previously I have Hikvision DVR and when I used it on my pc using IVMS-4500 then it hanged up frequently then I turned to this and I love it.

Ronnie B's Testimonial

Sometimes you don't fully believe good reviews but with cctv42 you should, fitted my 4 camera system over a year ago but have a local issue with my internet connections, not their quality equipment. I didn't expect the brilliant customer care provided by Henry and the genius of Marcus who is so knowledgeable and patient. When I have fitted a new lengthy Ethernet cable he is still willing to revisit my problem - don't hesitate to use CCTV42.

Alan W's Testimonial

I have had my cameras and DVR since 2015, they were easy to install with help from the website and have been in use ever since.
Recently I upgraded my BT broadband to superfast and my camera's stopped working on my remote devices.
After a couple of weeks of messing around with my settings in the new router and my no-ip domain I gave up and rang cctv42, Marcus took over mu computer by remote access and configured all my settings and got everything working in about 15 minutes.
Expecting to have to pay the setup charge for his services I ask him how much I owed him and he said it was okay if I was pleased then write a review and as you can see I was very pleased.
CCTV42 do not just have a great website and good products but they also give an excellent service.
Thank you.

Colin B's Testimonial

I have received 110% knowledgeable support from CCTV42 over 3+years since I purchased my equipment from them. No, PR, no bullshit, just solid support. I wish our police and government services came anywhere near this performance!

Aurther H's Testimonial

I would just like to say a big thank you to both Henry and especially to Marcus for the really great after-sales service, even though my problem was not with any of the equipment purchased from cctv42 but with a remote app for iPad & phone. It is refreshing to know that help is just on the end of the phone no matter how long ago you have purchased from cctv42 I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending cctv42 to anyone.

Kevin S's Testimonial

I have been in business for almost 26 years now. I can honestly say that I have never dealt with a company as honest and supportive as CCTV 42. They are consistently polite and patient. They provide excellent quality products. I see no reason for me to use anybody else for future CCTV requirements. I have no hesitation in leaving 5 stars.

Arthur H's Testimonial

I would just like to say a big thank you to both Henry and especially to Marcus for the really great after-sales service, even though my problem was not with any of the equipment purchased from cctv42 but with a remote app for iPad & phone. It is refreshing to know that help is just on the end of the phone no matter how long ago you have purchased from cctv42 I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending cctv42 to anyone

Kevin S's Testimonial

I have today, fitted two of these cameras. Absolutely stunned at their performance. They are producing sharp, clear images. Both daytime and evening viewing. I will be purchasing another for my business premises and also some dome cameras for inside. CCTV 42 have been superb with their support. I have finally found a company that I can rely on. Many thanks!

Dave L's Testimonial

I had a problem with my DVR, (my own making it turned out), it was not sending emails. I spoke to Henry who ask me some questions, saying he would get Marcus to ring me, after a short time Marcus rang and talked me through installing ‘TeamViewer’ so he could remotely control my laptop. Marcus soon found the problem – during changing my Google password I had inadvertently turned the 2-step verification on. I should point out I have been using CCTV42 CCTV equipment for over 4 years. Great serve again from both Henry and Marcus at CCTV42.

James's Testimonial

Anyone looking to purchase a CCTV system will probably have had the same nightmares as I did. So many conflicting bits of information and wide claims of what the system will do. After two months of searching, I stumbled on CCTV42. Immediately, I was impressed with the amount of information the site contained, along with real samples of CCTV images. After a chat with Henry and discussing my requirements, I went with their recommendation and purchased a six camera set-up, along with a DVR equipped with a 3TB disk. I have had the system running now for around two months and I am have been very happy with the camera quality and DVR software. Several friends have seen it and said it is so much better than the systems they are using. Yes, it did cost a bit more than the high street  chain  offering, but then you get what you pay for!

I can recommend CCTV42 without the slightest hesitation and with their help, I can view my home either on my mobile or via internet explorer, from abroad.

Peter B's Testimoial

Bought the standard definition camera. It works well with good definition. A couple of niggles, however. It doesn't have any instructions included so I don't know how to access the optional set up features and the mounting bracket was difficult to set up accurately. The joint controlled by the rear knurled ring offers very limited adjustment and comes loose again if you apply the slightest of excess pressure on it.

Alan G's Testimonial

Having had issues with vandalism and doing research I left messages on a couple of local companies without any reply. I then went through local suppliers websites and bought a Swann hD DVR with two cameras ( The small h in hD will become apparent ) I installed this and initial viewing day and night looked good. Then after some damage to property I reviewed footage to show it happening at night when it was dark . It was like trying to Identify a white sheet on a washing line in dense fog . Swann was returned to Screwfix after a few months and was refunded thanks to a very efficient Screwfix . So now I'm searching the net again and find CCTV42 . Having been in the gas service industry for 48 years 20 running my own business I know a little about how to treat customers and this company has it completely spot on . They did a remote survey of my home and sent out a quote with all the camera positions , I have recently installed this and found the daytime viewing exceptional , now for the crunch , what was the night time like ? Well I have to say I waited for dark and ran round the front of my house ( not like Henry in his video ) thankfully for the neighbours , reviewing the footage it was clear enought to identify who it was . I can only recommend CCTV42 very highly indeed. CCTV is installed for a reason to protect your property and identify intruders . CCTV42 is more expensive than numerous high street stores , but why pay for a product that is basically useless at a time when most criminals strike ? Will I use again Definitely.

TW's Testimonial

I purchased one of these cameras from CCTV42 as part of my system. I wanted a camera I could use to focus on events the fixed cameras couldn't see and this is what I chose. I have to say its been an absolutely great piece of gear. Its fully programmable, being able to follow a pattern that you simply direct the camera to take and then itll follow it continuously. You can program in the zoom, illumination, pretty much any part of its functions are accessible. The camera is so good, you can almost read a phone screen at distance. The infra red illumination is extremely powerful and it ramps up intensity when zooming in long distances, the detail you can capture is pretty awesome. If theres one criticism, its not of the camera itself itd be that its not fitted with a smoked dome to keep people guessing which way its looking, other than that, if you want to have a camera that can see more than a fixed one, id go for this any time of the day for the money, its a bargain.

James's Testimonial

Anyone looking to purchase a CCTV system will probably have had the same nightmares as I did. So many conflicting bits of information and wide claims of what the system will do. After two months of searching, I stumbled on CCTV42. Immediately, I was impressed with the amount of information the site contained, along with real samples of CCTV images. After a chat with Henry and discussing my requirements, I went with their recommendation and purchased a six camera set-up, along with a DVR equipped with a 3TB disk. I have had the system running now for around two months and I am have been very happy with the camera quality and DVR software. Several friends have seen it and said it is so much better than the systems they are using. Yes, it did cost a bit more than the high street chain offering, but then you get what you pay for! I can recommend CCTV42 without the slightest hesitation and with their help, I can view my home either on my mobile or via internet explorer, from abroad.

Gary H's Testimonial

This really is an excellent little camera for the money. Just as a test, I walked away from the camera holding a car number plate and found that I could read it from 12 meters in HD whilst holding my phone and seeing the image on the small screen. I have it fitted about 3 meters from my door so the detail it captures is perfect!

Andy P's Testimonial

We have a 16 camera system in our shop and have found it fantastic for keeping an eye on what is happening . The remote access system is particularly good , and the remote set up assistance is an absolute life saver . An excellent company .

Tom D's Testimonial

Top quality dvr simple to use and the back up from the company is incredible just pick up the phone and they always help. Thats worth paying the extra few quid for by itself

Steve R's Testimonial

Hi, this is not so much of a testimonial as a comment regarding your site. How refreshing it is to see such a well written and informative site. Having been an engineering manager with Modern Alarms (subsiquently bought out by ADT) I spent many years installing cctv, access control and intruder alarms. This is one of the few sites that talk sense and do not write a complete load of rubbish, clearly they know what they are talking about and dispell many myths and rubbish that is bandied about by sellers on the likes of eBay and other sites that sell cctv systems.

This site gives clear, concise and more importantly truthful information that gives you the low down on what's important in a cctv system and what is either untruths or purposely designed to deceive.

I do not have any connection with cctv42 or a vested interest other than passing on what to me looks like excellent information. I have directed a few people to this site for those wanting correct information on cctv.
Well done cctv42, on a well conceived site.
Incidentally of all the years installing cctv with Modern Alarms I have never stood naked in front of a cctv camera!!

Steven K's Testimonial

I recently bought a CCTV system from you and it has been instrumental in catching a local criminal.

A neighbour had her car broken into and, knowing we have the CCTV system came round to see if we’d any images of the perpetrator. Sure enough on checking the motion bookmarks on a couple of the cameras I found that the little scumbag had also tried to break into my car at around 3am.

I passed the footage on to the police who duly identified and arrested him; he’ll be back inside presently where he belongs. The police said the footage I’d supplied was “better quality than 99% of what we get” and also commended the placement of the cameras.

I knew nothing about CCTV before reading your website and then chatting to you over the phone, so this result is in no small part thanks to your advice.

Christopher E's Testimonial

We now have 6 months experience of operating a single PTZ camera system supplied by CCTV42. The camera is sited in an exposed coastal position, literally attached to a rock outcrop 30m above sea level and subject to the full force of the weather and periodic salt spray. It has so far functioned well throughout and provides a good image, even in low light conditions and without the assistance of IR. This system was selected with much patient assistance from CCTV who continued to provide valuable assistance during the installation and commissioning. Based upon our experience to date I would recommend this Company.

Richard T's Testimonial

I had wasted a lot of money on low quality equipment from a well known electronics firm only for it to fall short of expectations and break. The staff at CCTV42 were not only the most knowledgeable I had spoken to but they totally lived up to their promise. They even didn't sell me something as they said it wasn't needed. Saving me money. I highly recommend this company.

Marc's Testimonial

Having decided to install a CCTV system I turned to the internet to research the options. It quickly became confusing: TVL, Hexaplex, CMOS and CCD all became NBI (No Bloody Idea) what they are talking about! I came across the CCTV42 site by chance and what a revelation. As well as selling CCTV equipment the site is an extensive information resource. They have taken the time to explain the various components of a CCTV system, what you should look for and why. Additionally there are videos showing how to fit the components.

Having decided on a system I phoned to place my order. The guys at CCTV42 took time to go through my spec and even asked me to email photographs of my house. From those photos they suggested certain alterations to my spec all of which made sense. A lot of companies will suggest putting cameras in the eaves under the roof. This makes things easier for the installer but is not necessarily the best thing for the system, after all such a camera will give a good view of the top of someone's head without showing the face, not a lot of use for identification purposes!

Having had the system installed I was stunned at the quality of the picture at night. My driveway at night looks far brighter on camera then it does through the window!

CCTV42 - a quality company selling quality kit. Thanks Gents

David's Testimonial

I'm very pleased with the system supplied by CCTV42. It was easy to install and configure and it is straightforward and robust in operation. The after sales support provided by Matt and Henry was exceptional. 

Mr Sharma's Testimonial

I came across CCTV42 during a web search and was extremely impressed with all the presales and technical product information being provided on their website. From that moment onwards, I knew that CCTV42 was definitely going to be my preferred choice/supplier in providing a complete working professional CCTV solution. Based on my operational requirements, I was again impressed with Matt's technical solution design skills in providing an extremely cost-effective CCTV solution using "state-of-the art" top-class products, not to mention the highly professional customer orientated service, for my questions! Upon my request for an installation, CCTV42 were able to recommend a highly qualified professional installer - Gary. My complete CCTV installation was performed by Gary to a very high degree of excellence. I was delighted to find out the that the DVR had been fully tested and configured, all ready to go, straight out of the box. This is surely a big sign of looking after your customers, professionally!!! Overall, both CCTV42 and Gary have far exceeded all my expectations in delivering a professional working CCTV solution such that I am now recommending them to many of my friends. Hence, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to both CCTV42 and Gary for all their dedication and hard work. With kind regards, Mr Sharma.

John N's Testimonial

Many thanks for your very quick delivery the DVR was very easy to setup (you’d done most of the work) the DVR has improved the quality of my images 100% and I am truly delighted not much more I can say on the box of tricks.

The only downside is that I had to part with some of my Treasured Yorkshire Pound Notes

Great Product Great Service

Thank you, John

Dave L's Third Testimonial

Great service again from CCTV42 for the third time, I needed an upgrade for my system and after discussing my needs with Matt yesterday lunchtime I placed my order, it arrived this morning at 7:45, it is now fitted and fully working. Matt was extremely helpful giving me all my options, this helped me make my choice. 

Barny's Testimonial

Having been a customer of 911 Virgin in the past with great satisfaction it seemed only logical to give CCTV42 a go when I needed a setup. Wow these guys have seemed to have morphed the mighty Porsche brand into a camera format. From the initial sales service to phone help with installation and I found them to be faultless. Please pass on many thanks to all concerned. 

Carl's Testimonial

CCTV42 has been a great help, both prior and after sales, The equipment sold to me is better than expected, and images are clear thanks to the support given over the phone and the quality of the products, Thanks CCTV42! 

Jon's Testimonial

This really is a different way to provide a service, absolute top quality kit provided with fantastic service before and after the transaction. I recommend using these guys to save yourself a fortune and have top quality kit.

Jon Bridgeman - Ideal Trading

Roger's Testimonial

Very pleased with product and advice given at time of purchase. Henry even phoned me back after hours. CCTV Box arrived set up ready to plug in. I have every confidence in this company and its products and will use them in future. Thank you to Henry & Matt. Excellent customer service. 

Gordon H's Testimonial

Professional friendly advice, excellent equipment. A superb quality DVR that works with Apple products (Mac & iPad) seamlessly, including remote search & playback on iPad & iPhone which is very unusual but very welcome functionality. Many Thanks, keep up the good work. Very impressed. 

Dave L's Second Testimonial

Great service again - camera ordered yesterday afternoon, received this morning about 10:30. Now fitted and working.

Many thanks Matt

Dave L. 

Charlie's Testimonial

The DVR all setup and running. The networking was fairly easy with... a little help from the CCTV42 support team.

Viewing from IPhone on 3g and internet works a treat.

Really good gear. Thank You! 

Dave L's Testimonial

I had been looking at website as I wanted a CCTV capable of remote access from the Internet, when I came across CCTV42.co.uk I could not believe my eyes. The amount of technical data and information there is immense from which camera to choose, which DVR, how to install the system, instructional videos, photos etc. It's got the lot, very professional in every way. My order arrived next day before 10:30, worked first time and the technical help from Matt could not have been better even if he had been sitting next to me - a very big thank you. Dave L

Karen's Testimonial

Hi there

Just to say that system is worth its weight in gold.  Installed camera into my horses stable and set everything up to record over night and during the first night I could prove my mare does lay down to sleep.  This has been a debate with my vet as she keeps collapsing and they just think she is sleep deprived, so your system proved differently as I had suspected and now perhaps they will take me seriously that she is unwell.

So thank you for a great service, prompt delivery and lovely easy to set up system.


Elizabeth's Testimonial

Matt has been invaluable in advising and helping me to set up my CCTV system. He has been "patience personified" and made a complicated task relatively easy by answering my multitude of questions without any sign of impatience or irritation. It is an excellent system and a big improvement on my previous one. Very many thanks for your help in choosing the right system and then for helping me to get it all set up correctly. 

Gary's Testimonial

You need look no further than CCTV42. These guys couldn't be more helpful at all stages of your purchase and I haven't seen anywhere near the quality of products for the prices being asked here. Many thanks especially to Matt for his ever helpful support. 

Kev's Testimonial

Quaility equipment with excellent pre and post sale support. Highly recommended. 

Nicola's Testimonial

Dear Matt and Henry

This is to say a big thank you to you both for all your hard work helping us to design and install our new CCTV system.  I was quite nervous about it beforehand as I know that it is easy to get these things wrong and find that the cameras don't do what you intended them to do so it is great now seeing the whole system up and running and doing exactly what we wanted it to.

Like many other people who have given you rave reviews, I had looked at lots of websites in my hunt for someone who could help us get our CCTV going and I echo all the other comments about how good and helpful your website is. All the practical advice and videos really do answer virtually every question we could have had and make it easy for someone like me who knows nothing about these things to work out enough to set up the right system.

I was quite worried about ordering a CCTV system and then installing it ourselves without a professional installer watching over us but you were quite right in your advice that with all the information and help you give over the phone and on your website it really isn't difficult and any little problems are ironed out very smoothly.  My builders/electricians were quite sceptical about it beforehand but by the time everything was installed and they could see how well it actually worked they were very impressed and asked me for your contact details for future jobs.

I love now being able to check on my iPhone when I am away from home and see what is going on outside our house and was very surprised how quick and easy it was to get everything up and running on our computers and phones once you had done your very efficient remote access bit (great fun to watch on the screen while you were doing it by the way).

It is also very impressive that you are both so available on the end of the phone to answer endless little questions and thank you both for your patience and being so quick to sort out each query.

Best wishes, Nicola

Nik Grey's Testimonial

Top quality equipment provided by technically proficient staff. I used CCTV42 because of the time they have spent on their website, they make choosing the right system for you simple. from start to finish I was delighted with this company. I fully recommend them. 

Kevin Sadler's Testimonial

The system I purchased from CCTV42 does exactly what you said it would do and, perhaps more importantly, what I hoped it would do. In addition to being able to monitor my home from my office, I've been able to log-in to the DVR from my smartphone 'on the road' plus from Internet cafe's abroad. To prove that it does work, I supplied a CD of CCTV footage from the system to the local Police following a burglary at one of our neighbours just before Christmas - the system captured the burglars escaping through our garden!

So, a few words to sum up my experience of dealing with CCTV42: very helpful pre-sale advice, quality products speedily delivered and excellent post-sale support. I really cannot fault your service and wish that all my acquisitions could be this straight-forward and rewarding - my sincere thanks.

Kind regards, Kevin Sadler

Michael's Testimonial

I chose your firm as it was very good web site and not knowing much about cctv, it explained what I needed to know to make the
right choice. I am very pleased with the help you have given me online.

Regards and thanks, Michael

Steve Howis' Testimonial

Hi there CCTV42

Thanks very much for all your help in choosing which system to purchase. Having everything ready to go was great, and installing it was very easy. The focusing takes a steady hand but on the whole I had no problems. The system is working great and takes no looking after. It's good to know that my property has some added security.

Many thanks, Steve Howis 

Sean's Testimonial

All stuff arrived last Thursday. I installed the new camera Friday afternoon using the CAT5 I'd previously run to carry the video signal and the new 4 camera power supply that I'd ordered.

The camera is by far the best camera that I have ........... during the night images are miles better. The video baluns are also very easy to use.

Thanks for help and advise on the phone.  I need to finish another couple of jobs that I have to get done during the next few weeks but will certainly be ordering another 2 or 3 camera's from you.  I'll also be upgrading my DVR also.

Paul's Testimonial

I purchased a 4 camera system from CCTV42 after a break in at my home in June last year. It was, as advertised an easy to install 'Plug and Play' package. So far it has done all I expected it to do: It's reassuring to be able to review who has been calling at my house in my absence. I can even check it out while I am abroad via the internet. 

Richard's Testimonial

We've been very pleased with all the help we've had from you in setting up our new system, especially as we rather threw it together before coming abroad. We've also learned a lot about the options we have.

We're pleased that we chose CCTV42 for our system and look forward to getting it really sorted out when we're back in the UK.

Best Regards, Richard

Derek's Testimonial

I chose to do my installation (my home) in two stages so that I could evaluate how it all operated for me. The first stage with two cameras is installed and working well. There were no problems. I have just ordered equipment for stage two, a further two cameras and a second small monitor. I will be installing this as time allows. I find your 7" set up monitors fine to use as a normal monitor, I have one for downstairs and one for upstairs.

So, having decided to install CCTV, I set about studying all the web sites selling CCTV equipment. My feelings were mixed. Some were what I call "sensational" web sites, 50% discount, buy it now or it will be gone tommorrow type of sales talk. Others had only very brief technical information or none at all or conflicting information that just did not add up. Having a technical background in electronics, I like to delve more deeply into specification.

Then I came to your web site. Every product is described in detail, Specifications are available and installation and operational information is comprehensive with excellent photographs and videos. And there is no pointless sales talk, the site speaks for itself. A great deal of time must have gone into producing this site. THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE SEEN.

One way to judge a company is how they respond to an email enquiry, so I always like to ask a question. Some companies take ages to reply and sometimes do not answer the actual question asked. I am pleased to say that the response I got from yourself was within about 15 minutes and answered my question in a polite and friendly manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending CCTV42 to others.

Best wishes, Derek

Chris Leverton - St Helen's Church Testimonial


What I liked about CCTV42 was the following:

i)      Helpful instructional video that helped me to establish exactly what I required both for camera, cables and fittings
ii)     Back up telephone assistance (from Matt) to clearly confirm that what I ordered was what I needed
iii)    Great bit of kit - I think much better than the set we had installed. Zoom feature useful
iv)    Competitive pricing for a quality item.
v)     You were not out to 'sell' an item but to share your experience arising from poor quality equipment you had purchased in the past, and enable others like ourselves to benefit from that experience. So many retailers just want to shift the stock whether it's good, bad or indifferent.

Thanks for your help, and I am glad to share our experience of dealing with your company. If we need further equipment at any time, i will certainly come to CCTV42

Chris Leverton, St Helen's Church.

Dr Briaris' Testimonial


I chose to purchase from CCTV42 because the website provided good, useful information and when I telephoned to request information specific to my application I was given excellent support. Also, when installing my purchased equipment the telephone and email support provided was first class. The product has been working for over a year with no problems and so have no hesitation in recommending both the products and service - indeed I have already done this to a number of colleagues. Well done to Matt and the team!

Best regards, Dr Briaris

Phil R's Testimonial

I would like to again thank you for the professional and approachable way in which you deal with customers.
I have had my cctv system for over three years and whenever there has been a problem (not of your making) I have contacted your company for help. This has always been forthcoming in a very professional and supportive manor.
Recently,  I unforgivably forgot my password and had to send my recorder back to you to be reset. You did so, and returned the unit the following day at a minimal cost.
Your company should be very proud in the way you support and help individuals like me to set up and maintain their cctv sysytem. I wish other companies had the same approach.

Steve's Testimonial

Best camera! zoom in on my gate 20 meters away so sash lock is in centre of monitor full image!! Daytime image superb, night Amazing full ir at same 20 Mts like day, I operate in colour mode at night and so it is colour, even with ir on! A security light help boost colour but no bleach out of face. Like it, getting another!

Dennis P's Testimonial

I have owned one of these ptz cameras to watch wildlife in my large garden in the daytime and for security at night, this camera is unbelievable, the daytime and nighttime images are incredible, a friend of mine paid twice as much as I paid for this camera and admits his camera is not any were as good, I would give this camera 10 stars if I could.

Geoffrey C's Testimonial

I have been back to CCTV42 several times over the past 3 years with niggling issues and they have always been unfailingly polite,honest, patient and helpful. There are many places one can buy security equipment nowadays but I doubt that anywhere will provide customer care of this quality. With CCTV42, according to my experience, you're getting peace of mind.