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Buy the best HD CCTV system

Do you want to buy a new HD CCTV system or upgrade your existing cameras and recorder to high definition but are worried about choosing the wrong kit? There is a lot of confusion surrounding high definition CCTV. What is HD? There are several formats such as HD-TVI, HD-SDI and HD-SDI, some of which have considerable advantages over others so which one is best? Do you need special wiring, can you use CAT5 cable and if you are upgrading will you be able to use your existing cable?

We have put this guide together to make sure you buy the best HD CCTV system possible. As always if you would rather talk to someone pleased don't hesitate to get in touch, we aren't just a website, we are a real business with living breathing experts who can point you in the direction.

If you're buying a complete system we will put together a package for you.

Browse from the topics in the menu or work your way through them all. HD CCTV has finally come of age and is a credible solution with significant benefits over standard definition D1 or 960H resolution CCTV. There are a few common mistakes to avoid but providing you do so it is possible to clearly identify people, record vehicle registration numbers and so on. We have everything you need in stock for next day delivery to most of the UK in the shop section of our site.