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Buy the best CCTV cameras

There are lots of different CCTV cameras on the market each one making amazing claims so it's easy to see why people get confused. Correct camera choice is the single most important thing to get right when creating a good quality CCTV system which captures high definition images. It is also the one thing most people get wrong. Retailers don't make things easy because they make claims in their advertising material which is simply not true. In this CCTV camera buying guide we are going to look at some of the key things to consider when choosing which camera is right for your application and we are going to help you avoid those common mistakes.

We cover things like optical range, how far away from the camera can you identify someone or read a number plate? We also discuss Infra red, the ability of a camera to see in the dark. TVL or television lines is something many retailers use to distinguish between cameras, we explain why this isn't a very good metric with which to judge cameras by. Finally we talk about optical versus digital zoom and explain why varifocal cameras offer a much greater chance of capturing high detail. Choose a topic from the menu on the left or simply work your way through the list.

Whilst there is a lot of information here sometimes it's easier to just pick up the phone and have a chat with someone. We are always happy to advise on which cameras will best suit your needs, we can have a look at your site using internet mapping whilst talking through what you were hoping to achieve. This will allow us to assemble a list of equipment together with a plan showing where cameras might be fitted which we can email over to you. We do this every day and are very good at understanding individual needs and locations. We make no charge for this service and we won't keep bombarding you with sales calls afterwards.

A problem with cameras from Swann, Maplins, Costco, Screwfix or ebay

A problem with cameras from Swann, Maplins, Costco, Screwfix or ebay

To demonstrate the problem our M.D. stood naked in front a Swann CCTV camera typical of the type sold by these places. The results are shocking in more ways than one...

There is a serious point to the video and it highlights the most common mistake people make when choosing a CCTV system.