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CCTV Cameras

We carry a large stock of CCTV cameras for sale. Buying good cameras is the single most important part of creating the best CCTV system possible. To help we have a CCTV camera buying guide which contains lots of useful information.

If you need any help choosing cameras don't hesitate to get in touch and remember that we're happy to put together a package if you want a complete system.

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The biggest mistake people make when fitting CCTV is using the wrong cameras. Most people think they need the widest angle possible then wonder why the image is poor quality and they can't identify anything in the event of a problem. It doesn't help that everyone selling CCTV makes impossible claims regarding the effective range of wide angle cameras. We are here to ensure you fit CCTV which actually does what it says on the tin. don't hesitate to get in touch for help or advice. We are a real company with real people not just a website.