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Industrial CCTV

DO you need CCTV for your industrial unit or commercial building?

If so then you will have seen the variety of products and sevices on offer. Commercial installers who charge several thousand pounds down to CCTV systems available online and through retail outlets such as Costco for a few hundred pounds. They all make great claims in terms of crystal clear images, long ranges of 30, 40 or 50 metres plus and the ability to see at night as well as in daylight. It's all a bit confusing. Some people try to play safe by spending large amounts with an installer with varying degrees of success, others go the seemingly cheaper route only to find they can't identify people when things go wrong so it was a waste of money.

CCTV is actually quite simple

Strip away all the marketing blurb and CCTV is actually really simple. You record a series of still images every second and each image is made up of many small dots called pixels. The more pixels the more detailed the image. The obvious solution then is to choose the highest resolution CCTV system and buy that, but there's a problem. The more pixels you use the shorter time your system stores footage and you do need at least 2 or 3 weeks of rolling footage. You also need continuous 24/7 recording. Sometimes the periods of inactivity are just as important, for instance if someone claims to have made a delivery you need to be able to prove they weren't there when they claimed so ignore motion only systems.

Avoid wide angle cameras

The problem with wide angle cameras is they spread your pixels apart rapidly as you move away from the camera meaning people soon become a tiny blob in the middle of the screen. If you try to electronically zoom in on footage you merely get a pixelated mess rather than a clear image. Anyone who claims wide angle cameras have a long range is lying, beyond a few metres they merely provide an overall view, you won't be able to identify individual people or vehicles. You might be able to recognise them if you know who it is but from a prosecution or police identification perspective you're going to struggle.

Industrial CCTV applications involve longer distances than a front drive just long enough to park your car on or someone standing by your front door. Typically cameras need to be able to identify at distances of 10, 20, 30 or even 50 metres and that requires specialist equipment. The good news is we can supply it and it doesn't have to be expensive. A good quality industrial CCTV camera costs between £80 and £150 plus Vat when purchased as part of a complete system.

Long range optical zoom cameras

The key is to use cameras which have good optical zoom lenses allowing them to concentrate pixels on an area further away. Typically our cameras cover distances up to around 60 metres. To help you decide which cameras you need call us on 01895 233311, we can chat through your requirements whilst looking at the premises online and come up with a solution from there. There may be some general overview cameras but it's important to have cameras which allow clear identification should something happen. If you need cameras specifically designed to film vehicle number plates during the day or at night we can suplly those as well.

Self installation

All our products are designed to be self installed by you or your electrician / hanyperson. We are always on the end of the phone if you have any questions particularly in relation to remote access. Industrial buildings usually make installation relatively straighforward as cables can be run along the side purlins or girts. All our system use low voltage 12 volt cabling with mains transformers for the central DVR unit and camera 12 volt power supply. There is a single cable running between the DVR / camera power supply and the individual cameras.

Remote access

All our CCTV systems can be remote accessed on your phone or computer. You can view live footage, previously recorded footage and even back up events remotely. Whilst the systems are designed to record 24/7 you can generate bookmarks when the system detects movement in a user defined area. You can even have the CCTV system send an email or push notification to your phone if it detects movement.