Help & Advice


Do you need a bit of help deciding what to buy in order to create a new CCTV system or upgrade an existing camera setup? Our Buying guides cover what to look for when comparing different equipment. It is broken down into 2 sections which cover DVR recorders & CCTV Cameras the main elements of any system. There is also a section on HD CCTV that helps you understand the benefits of fitting HD security and explains what to look for to ensure you get the most from your kit.

We have a series of Video Tutorials that cover everything from equipment basics to camera selection, location and installation. Our installation area has information on how to wire CCTV cameras to the DVR and a technical section which houses all our user manuals. We also discuss common situations where CCTV is fitted in our Typical uses for CCTV section. We focus on specific things to consider for each of the examples. As always if you need specific help or advice relating to your project please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are always happy to offer no-obligation one-to-one assistance free of charge.