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Remote access your DVR over the internet

Networking your CCTV system

All our DVR recorders can be remote accessed over the internet using a computer or mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone . They can also be accessed locally by computers on the same network. It is even possible to view images from DVRs at different locations on the same computer screen using our free CMS software.

If you fit our PTZ (pan - tilt - zoom) cameras they can be controlled remotely via our DVRs. Remote access also allows you to make settings changes to your CCTV camera system. You can view recorded footage and even make back ups of critical footage when away from the location.

Finally remote access allows us to offer superb technical support. With your permission we can access your DVR and review your settings to ensure optimum performance. The DVR can even be tasked to email you a picture in the event of a motion triggered event.

Setting up remote access on a CCTV system

Remote access ideally requires Port forwarding to be set up on your internet router. If this is something you aren't comfortable doing we offer a remote set up service where one of our IT technicians can set things up for you using a screen sharing session. You don't need a static IP address, we create a DDNS re-routing account for you as part of the set up service which the DVR can update. Our remote access service is outlined here.

We are not keen on universal remote access solutions such as UPnP (universal plug and play) as they have potential security implications. Neither do we recommend solutions using a 3rd party proxy server which can suffer through high demand which slows access to the point where it is unusable.

A video showing our remote access set up service is available here.