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Backing up footage from a DVR

If you have captured something on your CCTV that you want to keep for reference or to use as evidence then you will need to make a copy or backup. With our DVRs, you have 2 options.

Backing up directly from the DVR using a USB memory stick

There is a USB port on the front of the DVR into which you insert the memory stick. Using the on-screen menu and supplied mouse you first search for footage and then make a backup directly onto the memory stick.

Backing up over a network or the internet

If you connect your DVR to a network such as your internet router you can then access it remotely via computer either over your local network or the internet. As well as being able to view live footage you can make backups directly onto your computer. This means you don't have to be on-site and you can also make backups if the DVR unit is tucked away in a secure location.