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CCTV camera kits

We get asked if we sell CCTV kits a lot and the answer is no. We sell all the bits you need to make up a CCTV kit but we don't stock the whole lot in one box and there is a very good reason.

CCTV systems use several different cameras

Everybody's CCTV needs will be different. Some people want cameras for outside, some for inside. Some cameras need to film overall views whilst others need to film higher levels of detail. Some subjects will be close to the camera, others some distance away. The cameras will also be fitted in a variety of different locations. You begin to see that a one-box solution can never provide a good CCTV solution. The most important thing to get right on a CCTV system is the cameras. We have a guide to choosing CCTV cameras elsewhere on the site.

The CCTV kits you see advertised all contain fixed lens wide-angle cameras. The single worst thing you can do is use fixed lens wide-angle cameras because they spread pixels apart as you move away from the camera and you don't capture any detail. They may claim an effective range of up 20 or 30 metres but the reality will be nothing like that, probably 3 metres in standard definition.

Cables and connections

Cable distances will vary from application to application so the likelihood is whatever cables came in the box would either be too long or too short. In fact, pretty much every element of a CCTV system needs to be tailored to the user's needs. All in one box CCTV kits often have unique connectors to that particular kit meaning if you need to change a camera you can't because no one sells equipment with those fittings. The result is everything goes in the bin and you have to buy a completely new system.


CCTV kits tend to be of very poor quality. You don't have a choice in how good or bad each element is, you simply get what's in the box. Because they are sold at a low price for a box CCTV systems tend to contain decidedly average quality equipment other than the outer box itself. That will be bright, colourful and contains words such as professional, high quality, razor-sharp, pinpoint, high definition and so on. They almost spend more money on the box than the contents!

Buy what you need

We allow you to choose elements of your CCTV system individually to make sure you end up with exactly what you need. Save money in areas where conditions are less demanding, buy the right gear for the job where things get a little tougher or results are more critical.

We still reflect the fact you're not just buying a single camera by including a free power supply when you buy 4 cameras. We fit the hard drive into the DVR recorder, format it and configure the DVR settings free of charge to save you having to wade through a 60-page instruction manual. We also include a good quality warning sign pack should you need one. Remember we are happy to offer free help and advice to make sure you buy the right kit.