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NVR 8 Channel 8MP (4K) Non POE NVR with Artificial Intelligence Image


NVR 8 Channel 8MP (4K) Non POE NVR with Artificial Intelligence

  • - Compatible with 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP and 8MP CCTV Cameras.
  • - PC, MAC & mobile compatible
  • - Remote access using computer or mobile device
  • - Free App for mobile access
  • - Feature packed
  • - In house technical support

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Product Information

Ultra-high resolution 8MP (4K)  NVR (Network Video recorder) with artificial intelligence capability.

This NVR is designed to be used as the heart of your IP CCTV system. It can process up to 8 camera feeds each with up to 8MP (4K) resolution. It is suitable for all camera resolutions up to 8MP

Supports specialist cameras such as our facial recognition and IP ANPR cameras.

As with all our recorders, we offer full technical support in the event you have any problems setting up or using your system.

With IP-based CCTV systems, the cameras do not need to be wired directly into the NVR. The NVR is connected to your network and detects any IP cameras also connected to the network.

Remote access using a PC, MAC, mobile phone or tablet (Ipad). Free App for mobile devices and viewing software for computers is available to download.

A host of features include motion-detected recording, email alert, PTZ camera control, and Schedule recording options for normal and motion-triggered recording. Facial recognition camera features (use with Facial recognition IP cameras only), AI features (use with AI IP cameras only) and Analytic features (use with Analytic IP cameras only) for Advanced CCTV recording. A remotely accessible menu allows setting changes to be made off-site. Secure login with individual user access control. Back up directly onto a computer or via a memory stick. HDMI or VGA monitor output.

This NVR can also take camera feeds from our HD analogue DVRs connected to the same network allowing you to consolidate your existing system or have a secondary backup in place.

This NVR can take a single hard drive (Hard Drive options available from 2TB to 6TB) which we will automatically fit free of charge if ordered at the same time as the NVR. We will then format the hard drives and put basic settings on the NVR so it arrives plug & play. Storage options can be found under Accessories for DVR Recorders.

Output via HDMI or VGA. The DVR is supplied with a 12-volt power supply and also a wired mouse to access the on-screen menu.

Dimensions: Width 300mm, height 50mm, depth 260mm. In addition, allow 80-100mm for connections at the rear.

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High Definition
  • - Facial, License plate and analytic features availble when used with the respective cameras.
  • - Compatible with 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP and 8MP CCTV Cameras.
  • - Remote access using PC, MAC, mobile phones or tablets.