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Traditional Coaxial Cables

Traditionally coaxial or coax cable has been the preferred method of professional installers. In recent years though Cat5 cable has knocked coax cable off that top spot. Compared to Cat5 coax is bulkier and it also requires the use of specialist crimping and cutting tools if satisfactory results are to be achieved.

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All the coaxial cable we supply is RG59 and suitable for CCTV installation. We supply either simple RG59 or RG59 plus 2 cores, commonly known as "shotgun" cable.

RG59 on its own can be used to transfer the video signal from a CCTV camera to a DVR recorder or the monitor signal from a DVR to a TV / Monitor. The shotgun cable can also handle the power feed from the transformer to the CCTV camera as well as the video signal from the camera to the DVR recorder.

Although bulkier than Cat5, especially when dealing with multiple cameras feeds coax cable can still be cut to length and pulled through holes and cable runs.

As well as Co-ax cable we can supply all the necessary crimping and cutting tools. Call us with your needs.

Made to Length DVR - Monitor Lead Connectors and Make up Charge

  • - Purchase this product then purchase the necessary length of cable. We`ll do the rest for you.
  • - Made to measure available in any length up to 50m
  • - Female BNC / Female BNC connectors

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Made to Length DVR - Monitor Lead Cable Length

  • - Made to measure available in any length up to 50m
  • - Can also be used for video feed from camera to DVR (camera will need 12V DC from a power supply nearby)
  • - Choose how many metres in length you need the cable to be then purchase a connectors and make up pack. We do the rest for you.

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Product Details

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