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At CCTV42 we don't just want to sell you stuff, well obviously we do otherwise we don't eat but selling you the right CCTV system is far more important. You will already have seen there is a lot of information in the Buying guide area and we are always happy to take phone calls or emails regarding your specific project. To us, CCTV isn't rocket science so use our expertise.

In this section of the site, we cover an eclectic range of topics in no particular order and for no particular reason other than they happened to feature in our thoughts. It might be a project that sparked our interest a topical news item or just a technical question we seem to be getting asked a lot. Either way, have a look through, and if you have any questions you know where we are.

History’s Biggest Robberies and Raids

Robberies, Raids, Heists
10 April 2023

The plot of many films; big heists, bank robberies and raids make for great TV but they seem like something that should stay in Hollywood, however, there have been many real-life h…

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Common Stolen Possessions Around The Home

Common Stolen Possessions, Home Security
19 March 2023

Whilst there are many preventative measures you can take to avoid burglary there’s always a small possibility that you can fall victim to the evil crime. However, we have cre…

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Farm CCTV systems

8 February 2023

We get quite a lot of calls from Farmers looking to install CCTV. Farm CCTV systems are unique in terms of what they need to do and the equipment required. We understand what's…

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How CCTV Can Save You Money On Your Home Insurance

Save Money, Home Insurance
7 April 2022

We all know that home insurance is not cheap but there are ways to reduce the cost of your insurance premiums such as installing a home surveillance system. Anyone who has got home…

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Busting CCTV Myths and Misleading Information

16 January 2018

The world of CCTV is unfortunately filled with misleading information and figures as manufacturers and suppliers try to outsell the competition with amazing claims which are often…

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