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Remote Network Setup Service

  • - Allows you to view your CCTV system remotely over the internet
  • - No need for a static IP address
  • - Suitable for our Standard or high definition DVRs
  • - Our technician does everything for you remotely via a live screen sharing session

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Product Information

Remote access to your cctv system is possible via the internet or even your PDA, iphone etc. The problem is you need a bit of computer related knowledge to set it up initially. Knowledge which most people don't have.

Fear not - we not only know what to do but can make all the settings via the internet for you whilst you watch on in amazement.

All you have to do is set up your cctv in the normal way which is child's play.  The basics are covered in this video tutorial

Then you connect the DVR recorder to your internet router or hub using one of the leads we sell in the cables section.  This video tutorial tells you how to do that

Once you've done that simply call us on the phone. We will talk you through a very quick and easy process which allows us to see what you see on your computer screen. From there we can make all the settings necessary to allow you to view your cctv system over the internet. A video showing how our remote access set us service works is available here.

One problem often encountered when wanting to remote view your cctv system is actually finding it on the internet. Most people`s internet connection uses a process known as Dynamic IP address allocation. This means your internet "address" is constantly changing. Don't worry our set up gets round this problem for you by setting up a unique address for your cctv system which uses a built in feature of our DVR recorders called an update client.

Using a service such as DynDNS your current Dynamic IP address is automatically updated by the DVR's update client allowing you to view your cctv using a simple address of your choosing. It's included in the remote network setup package.

Email - our DVR recorders can even email you a screen shot image if it detects movement or is triggered by a PIR detector. Our remote access package includes setting this up for you.

All you need is an internet connection, access to your internet hub or router and the passwords issued to you when you set up your internet connection. If you wish us to set up emailing on your DVR for you then you will need to know the password for your email account.

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