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What’s What Of CCTV Accessories

Spider Repellant Spray

Elsewhere on our site, you will find written guides and video tutorials for various elements of the CCTV buying and installing processes but in this article, we will be discussing and guiding you through one of the more overlooked aspects of CCTV – the accessories. From cables and warning signs to spider repellent, understanding and using CCTV accessories is key to having the best possible CCTV home security system.


“CCTV In Use” Warning Signs

One of the best companions for any CCTV system is a CCTV system sign or two to let people know you have CCTV in use. Not only does this let people know for their own personal privacy reasons but it also increases the deterrent effect of your CCTV system reducing the risk of burglary or vandalism even more.  In some instances, signs may be a legal requirement.


Spider Repellent

Spiders can be a nuisance for you when it comes to CCTV. Whether their webs get in the way of your camera or they decide to reside on the lenses themselves they can block your view and ruin a recording, maybe when you need it most. To avoid this incredible inconvenience spider repellent has become a trusted friend for those wise enough to have a CCTV security system in place.


IR Illuminators

Infra-red illuminators are a great source of additional IR. You will need to choose a wavelength with your camera, but our IR illuminators work at 850nn making them compatible with the cameras we sell. Having effective nighttime CCTV is a great way to catch out vandals and burglars who attempt to use the cover at night to get away with their criminal activity. Burglary attempts are often carried out at night so an IR illuminator can go a long way in capturing footage of the culprit and potentially identifying them.



There are several options when it comes to connecting your CCTV cameras to the DVR recorder. In most cases, a single cable can not only transfer the video signal to the recorder but also supply the camera with 12-volt power. This simplifies installation. At CCTV42 we stock a complete range of cabling options and fittings.


DVR Hard Drives

DVR recorders are a fundamental part of a CCTV system. But that doesn’t mean they are perfect, much like CCTV cameras, not all are made equal. And the effectiveness of even the very best DVRs can be limited by one thing – the hard drive. Hard drives are one of the most crucial accessories, if you want to be able to sustain 24/7 recording then taking time to select the right hard drive is going to pay off.


Installing CCTV is a huge stride in protecting your home and possessions but optimising the effectiveness of your home security with CCTV accessories improves its effectiveness further and consequently strengthens your peace of mind.

To view our complete range of CCTV accessories including the items listed above visit our online store. If you would like to know more about setting up your CCTV including using these accessories watch our CCTV video guides.

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