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Alternate Uses For CCTV

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We all know the amazing security benefits of CCTV cameras (and if you don’t you should read our other blogs and CCTV buying guides) but this wonderful technology has many great uses beyond just security. In this post, we will look at just a few of the alternative uses for CCTV, have a read and see how else CCTV could work for you.

We love our pets but unfortunately, we have to leave them to their own devices now and then. Whether you are just curious about what your pets get up to when you’re away or are trying to solve the mystery of how your dog keeps getting their paws on the biscuits from the high cupboards installing CCTV could be the solution. Our pets get up to a lot and from helping you solve the “how did they do that?” mysteries to just keeping your curiosity at bay, installing CCTV within your home can make sure you never miss a moment with your pets.

What could be better than not missing a thing your pets get up to when you’re away? Not missing a thing your children do of course. Nobody wants to miss their child’s first steps, but we know life doesn’t allow things to fall into place and your child may well start walking when you’re not there to see it. But what if you could capture the moment with CCTV? You could then not only see the moment but relive it and share it with friends and family. There’s no guarantee you’ll be there for all the important moments but through the wonderful power of CCTV cameras, you can increase the chance you will get to see them.

If you have elderly family members or someone else, you would prefer to be able to keep an eye on whilst allowing them to maintain their independence CCTV could be the perfect option. There are a few solutions to the problem of looking out for people without infringing on their independence but installing CCTV seems to be as good as, if not better than, most of them.

There are other cases where you want to give someone some independence but also can’t resist the urge to keep a close eye on them, such as with your children. In this instance, CCTV could once again be the solution. More than capturing those early moments CCTV can let you monitor your children in real time without needing to stand over them. This gives them a greater sense of freedom whilst not depriving them of their sense of control and ability to give care. It can also be a great way to see your children develop. Children will act differently with people (and the world in general) depending on whether you are there. Being able to see them grow, socialise, and live as they would if you weren’t there can be eye-opening among other things.

Whether you use it to keep an eye on family (yes, that includes your pets) or prefer to use a more traditional approach and use it for home security, a home CCTV system is a must-have. Let us know some of your alternative uses for CCTV on social media and we might just create a part two with your best suggestions.


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