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CCTV Systems from CCTV42

Our aim is simple, to help you decide which CCTV cameras and DVR recorder best suit your needs then supply equipment as a cost effective package. We want to provide the best pre purchase advice and after sales support in the industry.

CCTV42 was set up having bought CCTV equipment for use in a sister company 911virgin, a retail outlet for Porsche sports cars. We experienced poor service and products which fell way below expectation, this despite a lot of research. Seeing an industry wide problem we decided to put our money where our mouth was and the rest is history. An award winning company which prides it's self on the ability to deliver cost effective CCTV solutions.

We source good quality CCTV products direct from manufacturers working with them to create solutions which are unique to CCTV42. We don't just box shift whatever happens to be cheap at the time.

Every item we sell has been tested in the UK. Our 3 acre site in Buckinghamshire allows us to evaluate CCTV Systems during both day and night in a real world environment. We back to back test different electronics components within CCTV cameras, we test the functionality and operation of CCTV recorders and we are always on the hunt for accessories which will make creating an effective CCTV system easier.

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CCTV Systems

Many of the products we sell are unique to us. We work with manufacturers to develop equipment, we use their skills and knowledge combined with our awareness of what customers are likely to need. This is particularly relevant with a CCTV system. Outwardly many cameras look the same, but the electronics will be totally different. Getting the right combination of CCD image sensor and DSP processor is vital, particularly in low light night time filming using built in infra red lighting. We don't rely on made up figures, we gauge actual results for ourselves.

It's annoying knowing just how much rubbish there is out there and how some companies pull the wool over people's eyes. We have lost count of the number of supposed CCTV images that are in fact professionally taken still camera pictures. Night time images which are simply black and white versions of the daytime picture and so on. Most of the yardsticks by which equipment is judged has very little real world relevance. We see cameras with claimed filming ranges far beyond the capability of the lenses fitted to them for instance. We want to put you in control by educating and providing you with knowledge.

Much of our cctv42 website is given over to explaining the technical side of CCTV. There are video tutorials, questions and answer areas and an extensive CCTV knowledge bank. Only by understanding what each component within the CCTV systems do can you begin to establish just what will fulfil your needs.


To ensure you get the right equipment we endeavour to carry all items in stock at all times. We also make sure that we keep a cohesive range of equipment in stock. Our CCTV cameras for instance will always be available in a combination of different lenses within each camera body style coming with the same lens options.

For instance its possible to have a 2.8-11mm lens camera with either an internal dome, traditional body, open faced vandal dome or enclosed vandal dome enclosure. This means you don’t have to compromise on the lens or the body, you can have what’s right rather than what happens to be in stock. All too often websites show different options which are available but don’t bother to keep them in stock.

We are also passionate about providing back up support for the home cctv systems we sell. This is most evident with our DVR recorders. We don’t stock a dozen different DVRs which basically do the same job and struggle to support them because no one can be expected to have detailed knowledge on such a large number of products.

Instead we spend a long time researching, testing and comparing different DVRs until we find a manufacturer we are happy with. We then work with them to fine tune a product to our needs. There was a time when CCTV involved whole dedicated rooms to house the multitude of electronics that were needed.

CCTV Cameras

A full time member of staff had to constantly change video cassettes and monitor each CCTV camera looking for signs of movement. The CCTV cameras themselves were huge, massive metal boxes which ironically housed fairly low quality devices. These days things are so much different. Not only has the technology evolved beyond all recognition but the cost has plummeted to the point where many people fit CCTV security cameras rather than an alarm which gets ignored anyway.

A Real Company not Just a Website

We are a real poke us and squeal organisation. Our parent company turns over around £6-7 million per year but you will still deal with individuals when you email or call. We are UK based, we don’t have call centres and everyone you deal with has a name.

We recently won a prestigious award at the IFSEC security industry awards held in association with bsia, the British security industry association. It was for a project we are working on supporting HRAC, the Hillingdon Residents against crime. The project has helped us develop specific products such as low cost ANPR number plate recording cameras. It has also enabled us to fine tune the CCTV advice and help we offer.

The end result has been a string of successful detections and convictions based on CCTV evidence, all captured on Home CCTV systems.

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