CCTV buyers guide

CCTV systems have 3 main elements. The DVR recorder, the individual CCTV cameras and accessories such as leads, power supplies and so on. To help you plan and purchase your system click on each section below. We look at what the various components do, things to be aware of when comparing different products on the market and highlight some common mistakes or assumptions people make.

CCTV DVR recorder buying guide

DVR Buying Guide The digital video recorder or DVR is the heart of a CCTV system. It not only stores your images but also determines how they are displayed on screen, handles playback of recorded footage and provides functionality such as motion triggered events. More modern recorders allow you to access your CCTV cameras and footage remotely over the internet using either a computer or mobile device.

CCTV camera buying guide

Camera Buying Guide CCTV cameras are the eyes of your CCTV system. There are many different types of camera and selection can be very confusing. Here we look at some of the differences between cameras and talk about what is really important when selecting the right one for your particular application. Amazingly most CCTV cameras are sold on the basis of incorrect information, hopefully we can ensure you don't make common mistakes.

CCTV accessory buying guide

Accessories Buying Guide This section looks at all the peripheral bits and pieces. We`ve kept things nice and simple when it comes to connecting all the kit together by using industry standard professional fittings and ensuring every cable is compatible with every camera and DVR on the site. We also look at power supplies, networking connections and so on. Learn about using CAT5 cable to connect the CCTV cameras to the DVR recorder.